Today’s Lunch 3/25/2010

Have you ever watched chefs work? Their instinctual way of chopping, shaping lumps of ingredients into edible works of art..

Today I went to a sushi restaurant, and sat at the counter. Behind the chefs the wall was almost covered in pages describing “bonus” rolls not included on the regular menu. My eye zoomed to the Thriller roll.


Notice how they used red ink, and dripped it down the sides of the poster? Looking at that, and having skipped breakfast, I was ready to try this.

While one chef assembled the exotic ingredients for my roll, the other handed me an “Anniversary Salad” (deep-fried fish on greens, with dressing).

Anniversary Salad

I finished my miso soup and dug into the salad. Just as I was picking up the last bit of fish, the happy moment. My Thriller roll.

Thriller Roll

As I tried to pick up my first bite, the soy paper pulsed like something in a horror movie. Squish, plop. I  put it back down on the plate, and maneuvered closer to the table. Broke up the wasabi for each piece of  yumminess, and savored every morsel. The only thing on the plate after I finished, was some ginger.

Then I ordered dessert – green tea mochi ice cream. This is what my plate looked like.

Mochi Ice Cream

Um, gray blobs on a plate? I paused before poking the first one. Bit into it and had to smile. Gooey gummy outside, cold creamy inside (think edible balloons). Exactly right for an early spring day.

As I always tell my teen, try it .. you might like it! Worked for me today.


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