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Wordless Wednesday – After the First Class

Today my daughter and I attended a free community yoga class at Starseed Yoga, led by my friend Gigi.

Although we were late due to transit detours, it was a soothing and energizing experience.

After class, I asked Gigi to pose for a photo.



3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – After the First Class

  1. Thank you for coming! It was a pleasure to offer the wonderful experience of yoga to my friends&Family, their friends, and everyone who is interested in trying it out. Yoga is for everyone and there’s many styles to choose from to fit your preference. As you mentioned there’s Candlelight yoga, there’s also Gentle Yoga, Yoga with Meditation, Yoga in a variety of levels from Beginner’s Level 1 to more advanced classes, Yoga with chanting and constant movement (Naam), and yoga with a nice constant flow (Vinyasa), and many more.

    Starseed Yoga offers free Community classes given by 15 dedicated trainees. Every style varies, but the styles are many to choose from, so try them all and see what best fits for you.

    My buddy, Ofelia, you are always welcome to every single one of my classes 🙂 Your support is felt straight in my heart. You are a kind and true friend. Thanks!

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