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The Last Song Book-Movie Review

The book by Nicholas Sparks is great. The book is what I would call a classic Nicholas Sparks. It is the perfect mixture of romance, mystery, comedy and heartbreak. The romance isn’t very mushy, don’t expect couples crying at sunset or something.

The movie, based on the novel, was also great. The locations were beautiful, and very close to how I imagined while reading the book. The characters were also a match to the descriptions in the book. However, some things were changed from the book to the big screen.

The movie was not faithful to the book in many ways. One of the big changes was the setting. In the movie, Ronnie’s mother drove the kids to Georgia. “Georgia!?” I thought the book said North Carolina. My mom and I caught the change, and it stuck with me. The movie also omitted many little details that stayed with me from the book.

The movie is great by itself, but if you read the book you may be a bit disappointed.


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