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A kid’s best friend?

I was excited to attend the All Oxi-Active launch event and see magic. So many times, cameras show instant results. Let me state it simply – All Oxi-Active doesn’t need a time delay on magic. Mark, one of the Sun Products scientists, gave us a side-by-side demonstration against another detergent. One dose of All Oxi-Active  against FOUR doses of the yellow bottle. Both containers were shaken for three minutes before Mark pulled out the fabric.

The yellow bottle detergent faded the stain on the left, while All Oxi-Active lifted the stain away from the fabric on the right.


The launch event had a birthday party theme. Kids could go from the grass-covered patio (and paints) to the  balloon artist, cookies, cupcakes, and sticky frosting. Kids were encouraged to relax, enjoy and have fun. Dr. Michele Borba was also there, to tell parents “let your kids have fun and get dirty — let All Oxi-Active take care of getting out the stains” or as I might say to my relatives .. “you can relax while the kids have fun”.

I’ve had time to reflect on my experience at the launch party, and decided that All Oxi-Active is a kid’s best friend. Well, maybe a parent’s most reliable friend. Dogs knock kids in the grass, grandparents say “let’s go clean up that shirt before Mom or Dad notices”, All Oxi-Active gets the stain out on the first try, even if someone (ahem, embarrassed child) pushes something to the bottom of the hamper.


  • CL1 – I got free All Oxi-Active, plus a goodie bag at the party with fingerpaints, a football and a white beach towel. Plus, lots of delicious snacks at the party.

2 thoughts on “A kid’s best friend?

  1. It was a great event and I am using all now to keep the family clothes clean. Lol. I love the pictures but what was I doing? LOL. Glad we got a chance to hang out on Sat.

  2. Maybe you were balancing after picking up the baby, or while he reached out for snacks? I remember they brought out cotton candy, chocolate brownies with strawberry shakes, and fruit drinks.

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