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Spring Cleaning – Use What You Have

This past weekend I found myself going through a pile of unwearable, un-donateable clothes in the laundry room. Pouted about the waste of space, and money. Sighed, stuffed everything into a giant duffel to get some space, and walked away.

Walked past my daughter’s room, got even grumpier after seeing papers that seem to have fallen between her bed and wall. She has had a captains bed since 2001. This sturdy wooden frame has saved me from hunting for shoes. It has survived two moves, countless plops at the end of a school day, nightmares, you name it. The only “but” would be how easily things fall between bed and wall. If she’s reading a book and falls asleep, or tosses her handbag without zipping, I think you can guess what happens.

  • send out alert for missing item
  • search everywhere on floor
  • pull heavy bed with stuffed drawers
  • search for missing item
  • sweep carpet
  • complain about dust bunnies
  • push bed back
  • repeat, each time a library book, lucky pencil or homework assignment goes missing

After forcing myself to walk past my teen’s room, and with “preventive maintenance” in the back of my brain, I sat down to take a last peek at a stack of old magazines and catalogs (yes, spring cleaning for my reading materials too). One of those winter issues caught my attention and made me say “AHA”.

I’m going to create a wall-blocker. The idea is still working itself out. I will be enlisting my daughter’s help, then sharing before/after photos with her feedback.


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