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Real Simple 10 Year Anniversary

Real Simple magazine celebrated its 10th anniversary in New York City on April 15, 2010. How to celebrate such a milestone, when their daily mission is to help simplify our lives? Well, use a great location, choose a time in the afternoon/early evening so people can stroll in during lunch or on the way home from work, publish the schedule so we can plan our *ahem* coffee runs around what to see and hand out maps with the schedule and layout on them. I spent three hours strolling between exhibitors before coming home relaxed, refreshed and informed. Not a bad feeling on Tax Day!

There were Broadway performances, food demonstrations and samplings, beauty companies and charitable organizations. First I caught Norma Kamali and her models, showing the all-in-one dress available at Walmart. Yes, Norma Kamali at Walmart – I was hypnotized by the model on the far right, as she draped and arranged the dress in so many different ways. Then on the other side of the floor, a snack of Metrazur’s Arctic Char (listed on the prix fixe menu for Restaurant Week, July 12 to 24) while listening to the cast of Broadway’s Million Dollar Quartet.

Along the wall between left and right stages was a fantasy closet made up of Real Simple organizers, available at Bed Bath Beyond (my personal favorite is the sweater organizer, which can be split and used as two organizers. That will help me and my teen to find belts and scarves much more quickly, instead of having them fall off the closet rod.

The lovely people of Lindt chocolates had an endless supply of tiny wrapped chocolates. Their staff smiled and gave me at least one each time I walked past. No judgment, no questions asked.

There was a mob scene at the Häagen-Dazs cart, as people looked for relief from the warm spring day. I was very satisfied with the taste of Häagen-Dazs FIVE ice cream, made using a very short list of ingredients. The nutritional label is easy to pronounce and the flavors are delicious, fresh and real. I had the lemon, which tasted like the fancy sherbet served in lemon shells.

Alice is a shopping service for home essentials which cuts down on shopping hassle, by providing automated reminders and free shipping on products like toothpaste, coffee, batteries, toilet paper and diapers. Plus Alice automatically applies coupons and discounts, saving the checkout fumble of wallet, handbag, merchandise.

While waiting in line for a Sally Hansen manicure, I signed up to be a bone marrow donor with DKMS. This was an emotional thing for me, as it brought images of hospitals to my mind. Lucky for me, the DKMS rep, Amanda, gave me a big smile, a bottle of Right Said Red from the new Complete Salon Manicure collection, and escorted me to the front of the manicure area. In about 3 minutes I was ready to go with my nails done in “Dive Deeper” a sheer powder blue with shimmer. This color isn’t shown yet on the website, I kept smiling every time I looked at my hands.

Allie Lewis Clapp made lemony shrimp with white beans and couscous, and shared a cooking tip: when using canned beans, drain and rinse to reduce sodium. Allie also told us three good knives is all you need.

On my way out, I saw Dr Susan Love. She was nice enough to pose for a photo, and give me literature about her new project which encompasses women’s health in ways you’d expect, then adds tools, suggested books and a section called “BeWell In Color” to address how race and ethnicity might influence wellness.

Special note: DKMS has a bone marrow donor drive set for this Friday, June 18 in New York City. I hope you register as a bone marrow donor. The signup form is one page, and the cheek swabbing is faster than picking out nail polish colors.


This post compensation level is CL1 – the event was open to all members of the public.


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