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Have you been swabbed?

In April 2010, I registered and got swabbed for the DKMS bone marrow registry (paragraph 7, Real Simple event). The paperwork was one page. It took me five minutes to fill in contact information. Afterward, it was a matter of swipe-swipe, both cheeks – less than one minute!

This morning I was watching Wendy Williams on TV and saw her guest announcers sharing about Shannon, who has been on Broadway as young Nala in Lion King. There is a donor drive set for next week, Friday, July 23.

If you can’t make it to this donor drive, the calendar is updated regularly. DKMS makes it easy: search by patient name, city and state. Please take the time, check the website, share with your family and friends. Every person who registers, can save a life. Read about Joshua and Aaron’s story, to see what a difference donors make.


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