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Invade the Park!

Last year I was an active member of the Passaic Indians Alumni Roundup committee. The committee awarded partial scholarships to graduating seniors of Passaic High School, to help them as they moved on to institutions of higher learning. We all know, expenses add up quickly.

The Summer Jam is a celebration for the community, families and graduates. Last year people traveled from Philadelphia and even Florida, to mix and mingle. I recall meeting one woman who graduated Passaic High in the 1950s. You wouldn’t know it, from seeing her dance, laugh and show the younger folks how it’s done.

I promised my teen to never again bring up dancing in the rain, but yes we did the electric slide to close out the event.  Politicians, at least one member of the Board of Education, grandparents and toddlers, everybody got out there. My daughter and I even met a hip-hop artist. (Notice I’m omitting names, to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent)

This Saturday, July 17th it’s happening again. Do you want to hear about it, or come see it for yourself?


Look really closely, to find me in the left-hand photo.


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