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Homemade All Purpose Cleanser

I don’t shy away from “do-it-yourself”, in many cases homemade turns out better than store-bought. Case in point: this article lists five, count ’em five recipes for all-purpose cleaner. Compare to the cost for bottles of cleanser, you might be shocked at the dollar savings!

We got the ingredients together, and rinsed an empty spray bottle. Borax and washing soda are easy to find in the laundry and cleaning section of my supermarket, so we can keep them in the house and use as necessary. Below are my two favorite, easy recipes for all-purpose cleanser.

Begin with an empty spray bottle that’s ready to be recycled.

  • Recipe #1. Combine the following ingredients in the spray bottle and shake: 1 cup hot water, 1 teaspoon borax, ½ teaspoon washing soda, and 2 tablespoons lemon juice.
  • Recipe #3. Add 2 teaspoons borax to your empty spray bottle. Fill with hot water and shake until the borax is dissolved. Once the borax has dissolved, add ¼ teaspoon liquid castile soap. (Note that if you add the soap before shaking, your spray will become foamy). Another tip: you can buy scent-free castile soap, or pick a scent such as peppermint or orange for a fragrant all-purpose cleaner.

The original article also lists essential citrus oils, for cleaning power and fragrance. Spice cabinet, here we come!


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