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Open Sky

Earlier this year, I attended a conference to learn about OpenSky. In just over a week, my OpenSky shop will be open for business. Have you heard of OpenSky? It’s an exciting concept.

Imagine a dad shopping for a magic kit with his son. They step into a superstore, and as they navigate the maze, Dad thinks back to his own first magic kit. Bought at a neighborhood store, where they also taught tricks. In most modern stores, the “corporate” office or someone within chain of command decides on inventory and ships merchandise accordingly. Employees who work at the store don’t always know if certain items have been discontinued or added, and their duties include loss prevention (aka watch out for theft).

OpenSky is a return to sales from “the good old days”. Instead of carrying every possible product, I choose which items to sell in my shop. People shop, pay, receive the product with a one-year guarantee. If for any reason 364 days pass and you don’t still enjoy the product, call OpenSky and get your money back. When was the last time any other store made that promise?

On August 10th you’ll see my first OpenSky item. I’ll leave you to guess, what item my teen and I could agree on 😉


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