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What NOT to Do at BlogHer.. ew

I attended BlogHer 2010 in New York City, thanks to Latism‘s fundraiser “No Bloguera Left Behind”. There were many unforgettable moments which made me smile and even giggle like a child. It was only after returning home Saturday night that I had one ew moment. Let’s try to explain this as gently as possible.

A certain vendor, with a booth sharing information focusing on health/fitness information, had drawn a crowd. I turned to my left and started chatting with one of the few men I had seen all day. He seemed nice enough, saying that nutrition alone is not enough to fuel weight loss. He told me that for best results, I should add exercise to my routine. He offered himself as a personal trainer. As we exchanged business cards, I noticed his mentioned MySpace and his Facebook name. An eyebrow went up because, let’s face it, MySpace? This guy still has no clue about Twitter or creating a group on Facebook?

When I got home and searched Facebook, this guy’s name came up as having FOUR different profiles, and THREE of the profiles have his photo. I clicked on the first one and got “he only shares information with his friends”. Hmph, didn’t he give me his card in the hopes of networking? Click the third profile, again “only shares information with his friends”. Clicked on the second profile and JACKPOT. Personal quote, groups joined, a shameless plug for his health/fitness coaching business. With misspelled and slang-ified words aplenty.

I think this guy completely failed in every way possible, when creating this profile, creating his business card, attempting to promote himself at a conference geared primarily to women. How many things WRONG can you spot in the screen shot below?


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