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My First OpenSky item

I just joined OpenSky as a seller, had to choose one item to start with. It was so difficult to choose, finally my teen and I decided on this cute tote (click the link to buy your own).

toteSo far we’ve had the tote for about two weeks, and gotten compliments on it every time someone sees it. The adjustable strap is long enough to go across the body messenger style, and there are handles on the sides. Perfect for grocery shopping (one time we put in SIX boxes of cereal), although I should admit we brought home leftovers from lunching out. We didn’t worry about spilling sauce, because the tote is washable.

Did I mention OpenSky has a ONE-YEAR money back guarantee? I’ve never seen such a guarantee anywhere else.

*Compensation Disclosure – I got my bag for free, as a review item, before listing for sale. The closest compensation rating would be CL8 : Although not specifically compensated for this post, OfeliaNJ has an ongoing relationship with a company or person connected with a product, service or location mentioned in this post. The ongoing relationship may have realistically influenced the decision to post.


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