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Taking water for granted?

In the beginning of August I was blessed to spend two days in New York, as a BlogHer newbie. It was an energizing, overwhelming experience. Matching faces to avatar photos, checking the agenda for sessions, exploring the expo floor, running between events. I came home exhilarated and inspired.

The exhibitor that impacted me most on a personal level, was Procter&Gamble. Their model house was divided by rooms, featuring products for each room. In the kitchen they showed us the new PUR “Easy Push & Click” water filter. Procter & Gamble gave me a PUR water filter, to install in my kitchen.

As I stepped away from the kitchen, I saw the living room complete with laptop on a coffee table. That is where I was brought to tears. I met with Cate Cameron, a photographer who has spent time in remote villages where water is almost a commodity.

Imagine living in a village where the nearest water source is a lake, and having to walk a mile or more with a bucket. How about dipping that bucket into the water, while animals graze nearby. Then after getting home, trying to cook with that muddy water, or giving it to a sick relative to drink with medicine?

Procter & Gamble (collaborating with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has created PUR packets, which help make water drinkable. The demonstration made me cry. Start with a bucket of brown water, add the packet contents, stir. Then filter the water into another container and wait. One packet will clarify two and a half gallons of water.


During this wet summer, I know many have complained about stepping into puddles. The gloom, the gray skies, the lack of sunshine. Don’t let the weather stop you from helping.

CL1 is most pertinent to this post, as I received the PUR water filter free of charge.


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