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Bakery – Wordless Wednesday

Recently I was left speechless. The glass door to my favorite bakery has been removed and replaced with giant fiberboard doors. Where the hours used to be posted on a red-and-white plastic tag, these two signs are stapled to the new doors.

This was the place closest to home where I could get pan de yuca. Don’t tell my teen, at least one of my errand trips every week included a pit stop for a sweet treat and/or delicious coffee. Coffee that can revive a damsel from fainting, smelled like caramel and tasted even better. Now back to my pan de yuca, I need to find tapioca flour – at least, according to this recipe. Goodness gracious, I might be firing up the oven to bake from scratch!


4 thoughts on “Bakery – Wordless Wednesday

  1. Wow! I’m sorry for the loss of such a wonderful place. But by the way you described this place – I could smell the bread baking as we speak. MMmmm…


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