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I’m Too Old for This Stuff

Today I was listening to my mp3 player and nearly fell off the treadmill at school. For those who don’t recognize him (the video is a few years old) you should know that Larry Miller is a comedic actor from Pretty Woman (salesman at the store where Edward takes Vivian shopping, so she can get all new clothes)

Mr. Hollister: Just how obscene an amount of cash are we talking about here? Profane or really offensive?
Edward Lewis: Really offensive.
Mr. Hollister: I like him so much.

Other appearances you might recall would be Princess Diaries, most recently at the movies and television series (ABC Family Channel) of Ten Things I Hate About You. He has a Twitter presence as LarryMillerH and did voice work for the upcoming film “Alpha and Omega”. How’s that for a busy man?

Larry Miller Drinking(Video)

I found this as an audio clip on Mr. Miller’s site years ago, played it for my daughter when she was about 8 and wondering why so many adults drink different colored stuff and then later act so weird. If you’re over 30 you understand the WHOLE routine, not just bits and pieces.


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