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Yoplait Delights – Review

In early August, Mom went to BlogHer in New York City. She spent her time mingling with cool people who make her laugh on Twitter. I stayed home. Mom came home each night excited and blabbing about the products and foods she had seen and sampled. One of her favorite items was Yoplait Delights, a yogurt treat with two layers: one thick and creamy, topped by the second lighter layer.

After BlogHer, Yoplait sent us two packs of Delights – lemon torte and chocolate raspberry. Each pack had four yogurts. We put two of each in the freezer and that tasted delicious. The freezer firmed up the layers until we dug in with a spoon – on a hot summer day, very refreshing!

The unfrozen yogurts were yummy too. The lemon torte tasted like REAL lemon, not like other brands that have a hint of lemon, and the vanilla yogurt on top was so smooth I slowed down to savor it. The chocolate raspberry was my favorite. In the cup, the chocolate and raspberry are clearly separate. Ignore this! Dig your spoon all the way down, mix the flavors so you can get the full effect. The chocolate and raspberry complement each other.

***Mom notes***

Yoplait Delights are one hundred calories each, a four-pack sells for about $3. The flavors currently available are Lemon Torte, Chocolate Raspberry, Creme Caramel and Triple Berry Creme. I recommend freezing Yoplait Delights and adding them to a lunchbox for school, so the consistency is juuuust right.

You can find Yoplait Delights on Facebook, or for detailed nutrition information (and a printable coupon) check out their Daily Delight website.

CL1 best describes this post, as the Yoplait Delights were shipped to us, free of charge.


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