Regardless of your age or stage in life, the world is full of new lessons and knowledge. I try learning something from even the most cranky grouch. My days are a little different now as a college freshman – yes, college freshman – surrounded by recent high school graduates and returning students closer to my own age (and some even older).

My teenager is currently a high school freshman; we find ourselves facing similar challenges and experiences. Unfamiliar hallways and social cliques. Teachers who have different preferences for classroom behavior, lectures and tests. Yes, education goes beyond books!

Of course, since my last classroom experience was before my daughter’s birth, she has the benefit of regular experience. For example, when she saw that I hadn’t even scribbled in my student planner, she smirked just a little bit and said “mom you’re supposed to write assignment due dates in the planner, not each individual subject notebook.”

Have you had something happen, where someone younger (or less educated) teaches you something useful?


Questions? Comments? Share!

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