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Have you tried this yet?

Do you live in or near New York City? Go grab your calendar. From now until October 31, we all have a chance to check out the FREE P&G BrandSaver Live! pop-up store. Procter & Gamble has set up this temporary location to allow consumers an opportunity to sample, see and taste new products from all their divisions.

To get an idea of the products available, go to – but believe me, the personal experience is much better. I could try to find the right words for the stylist who explained how to improve my at-home haircolor experience (use Clairol Nice ‘N Easy, modify the time before rinsing). I might even tell you about how the new tangy Pringles Multigrain Creamy Ranch taste like ranch, without an obvious change in texture (we ended up snatching chips from our double-size plate, because we both like ranch).

I am sharing before/after photos of my daughter’s experience with Christina, who did a skin color-match and makeup application. The photos don’t show much of a difference, because Christina did such a thorough job with the color-matching. She used sponges and large brushes to produce a polished and smooth finish with foundation from the Cover Girl Queen Collection, and the Smolder lip color (#825) is a delicate, glossy caramel color.

The psychological change during my daughter’s makeover was impressive. She was calm and cooperative while Christina applied foundation, powder, blush and even mascara. This was an entirely different vibe from what would happen if I approach her to do makeup. Christina accomplished what I could not – showing my daughter that makeup can be easy and making her feel that she can do this herself. As the motto says, “Easy, breezy, beautiful. Cover Girl”

A special hug goes out to Jennifer, the other makeup artist using Cover Girl cosmetics. While Christina was working on my daughter, another mother/daughter duo came in. The daughter was about age 12. Jennifer finished with her client and still made this girl feel welcome. “This is my house, and I say it’s your house. Pink is my favorite color. Sit down, relax.” This girl looked down at her own pink jacket and got comfortable to enjoy the wait for her mother’s makeover. Christina and Jennifer are rock stars in my eyes, showing us that beauty is more than colors on skin.

The hours for P&G BrandSaver Live! are Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 8PM, Monday to Friday 9AM to 8PM. The pop-up store is conveniently located near a stop for the F train. Check your newspapers October 31 for a fully-packed insert featuring savings of up to $113 on Procter & Gamble products – Bounty paper towels for the kitchen, Bounce dryer bar for the laundry room, Olay for your skin, Duracell for your gadgets … the list goes on and on.

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