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How was our Thanksgiving? Take a look! Wordless Wednesday

Last Wednesday night, while drifting off to dreamland, there was the beep-beep-beep of my phone with a text message from someone I love. I won’t say who it was, for fear of exposing this person to shouts of “why didn’t you text ME instead?” Let’s get back to the main story. The message was “wanted to know if you are interested in free tickets for tomorrow thanksgiving parade.” I perked up immediately and responded “WHICH thanksgiving parade?” and the response came … “Macy’s Parade in New York” Skip my hyperventilating about seeing the parade up close, instead of on television. Fast forward about an hour, I was holding two tickets. We took LOADS and LOADS of photos, I had to ruthlessly remove photos of backsides and such. Click on the collage to see full-size … just for fun, try to read the logo on our blinky mug 😉

Thanksgiving 2010
Thanksgiving 2010

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