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Make it Work – Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes when parties, events or conferences go right, we don’t know or care about the things that could have gone wrong.

Last night (December 7, 2010) I was blessed to attend the BlogHer holiday party 2010, and meet Lisa Stone, a co-founder of BlogHer. I don’t have pictures of the party because it was just so much fun I didn’t have an un-busy moment. There was talking, food and drinks (the bartenders at the Union Square Lounge didn’t blink when I asked for a Shirley Temple).

On the way to the party I did get pictures of my favorite sculptures. These little people can be spotted in New York City and even in Newark, New Jersey. They’re very busy behind the scenes. Tim Gunn doesn’t need to have a chat with them – they make it work!

Make It Work
Make It Work

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