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Easy Snacks for Helpless Husbands – Sabroso Saturday

If you follow me on Twitter you know I tweet about food often. Something as simple as lunch, or as elaborate as a fantasy meal. This makes Sabroso Saturday a complicated topic, because some foods are easier to savor than to describe.

The Sabroso Saturday community has grown to include women across the country, and even men like Dan Perez who admire the recipes. This past week, Dan shared that his wife (the lovely -and busy- Mrs. Perez), collects recipes but never gets around to cooking them. I asked Dan “do YOU ever cook?” and we were off.

Since last Saturday (December 4), Dan has shared pictures of his kitchen creations, including open-faced and regular sandwiches, cereal and soup. I have to admit today when Dan shared a picture of his hors d’oeuvres it was a shock to my Latinoness. Everybody knows you’re supposed to do guava and cheese, not strawberry jelly, on crackers. I mean, really, who ever had strawberry jelly growing up with a Latina  mom?

Anyway .. Dan has insinuated that he’s not allowed to use sharp kitchen items so I made it a mission to do a recipe without knives. My daughter and I spotted “pigs in a blanket” in the supermarket circular and there was my last bit of inspiration. We bought “cocktail links” and crescent roll dough. Then I realized we’re making this for a Latino, so I got a can of salchichas too.

This snack is so simple, it doesn’t need a strict recipe. For supplies you’ll need a butter knife or pizza cutter, aluminum foil and cookie sheet.

  • Rip a piece of aluminum foil, to use as a work surface. Lay it out flat.
  • Take a second piece of aluminum foil and put it over your cookie sheet.
  • Bust open your crescent roll dough and lay it out flat on the first piece of aluminum foil (your work surface).
  • Cut the dough along the perforations, and again into thin pennants so you have long strips.
  • Pop the top off the salchichas, shake them out of the can and drain that yucky jelly. (If using cocktail links, drain each one as you remove it from the plastic package).
  • Wrap one piece of dough around each meat product and put it on the cookie sheet.
  • Leave space on the cookie sheet so the dough can puff up when it bakes.
  • Put cookie sheet in oven according to directions on crescent roll dough (my tube said about 15 minutes at 375)
  • Remove cookie sheet (remember to use protective gear) and serve with assorted sauces. We used barbecue sauce, ranch dressing, honey mustard and some other sauces from a recent trip to a take-out restaurant.

Here you have a photo to check your progress, as you follow our very first recipe dedicated to “Helpless Husbands”. Buen provecho!

Snacks for Helpless Husbands
Snacks for Helpless Husbands

MsLatina started the concept of Sabroso Saturday over the summer. It has grown in range from East Coast to California, with certain bloggers translating the recipes to English AND Spanish. So far we have covered appetizers, beverages, breakfasts, entrees, salads and snacks. I always make sure to have a filling meal before reading the other blogs


5 thoughts on “Easy Snacks for Helpless Husbands – Sabroso Saturday

  1. This post had me laughing hysterically esp. when you noted you went back for salchichas since thats what I use in my pigs in a blanket! For some reason I prefer it to hotdogs – has to be because I am a Latina LOL

    Thanks for the wonderful post and recipe Ofelia! It def. brought my Latinaness out 😉


  2. OMG this cracked me up as well!! I know Dan Perez and if he can;t make this, then we are all in trouble!

    On another note, I love love love pigs in a blanket. Brings me back to the good old days when everyone made them for every party. YUM!

  3. I so admire you!!!! You are like a walking talking recipe book, event finder, light bulb , lol So simple & so much fun! Loved your simple recipe guide, including how to keep your area clean by using a foil to prep, in addition to the foil for cookie sheet…also the ideas for sauces 🙂

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