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Brand-New Treasures – Wordless Wednesday

Today at school there was a book giveaway. Three tables of books, all FREE and up for grabs. My eyes nearly popped out of my skull. There were mystery books (Agatha Christie), westerns (Louis L’Amour), children’s books, books that were made into movies (Omen, Exorcist). I walked around carefully, trying to pick up the best without attracting unnecessary attention. My 9 books that made it home:

Books Treasure
Books Treasure

From top to bottom: The Second Easy Gourmet Cookbook  (1968) by Elise Lee; Time and Money Savers in the Kitchen (1966) by Michael Gore; Good Housekeeping Party Menus and Recipes  (1967); Unforbidden Sweets (1958) by Poppy Cannon; Letters to Sarah (1989) Peter Loewer; The Father of Spin (1998) by Larry Tye; Touch (1987) by Elmore Leonard; The Fully Powered PC (1988) by PC World.

OH YES – that little black book, right there in the middle … James Beard’s Perfect Cocktail-Party Book, Hors d’Oeuvre and Canapes. Published 1967. I’m scanning it now to find a recipe for this week’s Sabroso Saturday.



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