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Love Thy Neighbor – Wordless Wednesday

These past couple of days the news has been full of snow – it’s approaching, it’s got us in the grip, we can’t get it cleaned up fast enough. I am thankful to live on a block where all the neighbors look out for each other. Sometimes I ask one neighbor if she needs something from the store, or invite another out for a meal. Let’s not even discuss how many times the lady next door gives us a plate of her homemade cooking.

We opened our door on Monday and saw what is shown in the two left images. Today (Tuesday) it was quite an improvement, as shown in the two right-hand photos. My daughter and I took a trip to a bookstore, then on the way home stopped at our market to pick up a little something for our neighbors, to thank them for such a great job. I leave you with part of a scripture from the King James Version

… but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: I am the LORD. Lev. 19:18

Snow - Love Thy Neighbor
Snow - Love Thy Neighbor

4 thoughts on “Love Thy Neighbor – Wordless Wednesday

  1. How awesome! Our neighbors are NOT like that. We’ve been shoveling snow off our cars for DAYS since some people keep throwing it back…sad & pathetic. It’s nice to see things can be different 🙂

    Happy New Year to you & your lovely daughter! 🙂

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