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Chicken and Yuca – Sabroso Saturday

Let’s get something straight. This starchy root vegetable resembles a sweet potato or yam, but it’s much less sweet. In a Latina’s kitchen we call it yuca. Non-Latins call it cassava. But cassava is a whole other thing which I really don’t like so I’ll call it yuca and get on with it, ok?

By now you heard about the Northeast being covered in snow. This past Sunday my teenager and I got home from church and already had hazardous walking conditions. We made a trip for grocery shopping and stocked up on a few things. Chicken, bread, drinks, frozen vegetables. As the week went on and we were nearly snowbound (is that a real word?) I started thinking about what to post for Sabroso Saturday.

I scanned recipe books, books with recipes in them (yes there’s a difference), looked at my refrigerator and freezer. This is what ended up cooking. It’s not a recipe really, Carolyn would call it more Willy-Nilly. Here is my best recollection of what we did:

  1. Mash up garlic (I store mine in olive oil, in the refrigerator ), add oregano and/ or other spices you like
  2. Rub garlic mix on chicken (we used breasts with bones) while preheating oven (350 will take longer, 450 will crisp the skin)
  3. Lay frozen yuca in pan to make a rack for the chicken, and pour 1 to 3 cups of water in pan
  4. Put chicken skin side up on yuca, and whole pan in oven for about half an hour
  5. Take pan out, remove chicken. Flip yuca and put back chicken, skin side down
  6. Put pan back in oven for another 30 to 60 minutes
  7. Remove pan, flip breasts skin side up
  8. Serve with salad: romaine, cucumber, tomatoes
  9. Dessert: Apple cake with frozen whipped topping and caramel sauce

My daughter couldn’t really help herself, she grabbed the whole skin off one breast to eat with her dish of chicken and yuca. I didn’t even smack her hand this time.

PS – my daughter didn’t think she’d enjoy yuca as a side dish. She asked for rice and beans. That was unnecessary. One bite of the garlicky juicy chicken, then a little bit of the flaky tender yuca, she forgot about rice and beans. I think MsLatina will give me a thumbs-up on this satisfying meal!

Chicken Yuca
Chicken and Yuca


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