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Looking at Different Angle – Wordless Wednesday

A couple weeks ago, my teenager and I went to watch one of our favorite movies .. at the local public library. It was near home, they provided cookies and coffee – did I mention it was free? As the credits rolled and we got up to stretch, I noticed the chairs. I took two pictures: one of our chairs right after we got up, and the stack of chairs in the corner.

sit chairs
sit chairs
stack chairs
stack chairs

3 thoughts on “Looking at Different Angle – Wordless Wednesday

  1. Hmm guess noone is into freebies anymore. I love freebies. I take advantage of my free movie nites on Tuesdays (Optimum). Parking is hectic but with patience o so worth it to watch a new movie that just came out for FREE!!

    1. I didn’t mention in post, name of movie was “Eat Pray Love” we had about 30 people in there, munching and drinking as we watched. I’m looking out for other films to be shown at library.

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