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Spicy Chicken and Mashed Potatoes – Sabroso Saturday

Today we woke up and saw snow – again. While it seems to not be a major, traffic-stopping blizzard, there have been crowds at the store. Add this with a committee meeting (for me) and half-day (for daughter) this means no time for complicated recipes.

I bought a few basics to keep the freezer stocked for any upcoming storms. My teenager met me, grabbed the bags, went to the kitchen and brought back my plate some time later. She took photos while cooking, and gave me basic instructions.

Saute Chicken
Saute Chicken

Betty Crocker Mashed Potatoes
Betty Crocker Mashed Potatoes

Saute chicken (we started with one whole breast, then cut into strips) with oregano, black pepper and red pepper (yes, that’s why we call it spicy)

Prepare Betty Crocker Mashed Potatoes according to package directions

Serve Chicken Over Potatoes
Serve Chicken Over Potatoes

Serve chicken over mashed potatoes – with juices from the pan

Can you say .. COMFORT FOOD

On this cold, slippery day I was happy and grateful to have this meal. My daughter also gave me a tall glass of birch beer. No complaints over here!

Remember to check with MsLatina for her Sabroso Saturday recipe, and links to recipes from other bloggers!


7 thoughts on “Spicy Chicken and Mashed Potatoes – Sabroso Saturday

  1. Wow, that dinner looks so delish. I bet it feels nice to have dinner made by your daughter. It’s a wonderful thing uh? Hope there’s leftovers cuz I’m coming over! Lol

  2. Wow! Living on the west coast, I can’t imagine living every day life through a blizzard. It make sense to store & freeze food. I love chicken breast! I usually make it similar to your recipe for my boys’ school lunch. It’s fast, easy, and super tasty. I’ll have to give your version a whirl next week! Thanks!!

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