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Argh! It’s so cold … Wordless Wednesday

You may have grown up hearing comedians tell jokes like this.

Comedian: It’s so cold …

Audience: How cold is it?

Well I have a great punchline – it’s so cold … everyone’s making alternate travel arrangements for their commute (insert laughs 🙂 😉 )

I spotted this man once before on the bus, as he walked past me with his hair and face and clothing it was like looking at a ghost. OK maybe more like a character from the movies, come to life.

This time when I saw him he appeared to be wearing makeup. Might he perhaps be employed at a theme restaurant in New York? He seemed to be in a rush to get somewhere, so I didn’t talk to him but snapped a photo to use for Wordless Wednesday.

Argh - wordless Wednesday
Argh - wordless Wednesday

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