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Puffs Helps Kids and Families Stay Healthy

A few weeks ago, Puffs tissue hosted an event at Apple Seeds in New York City. Since Apple Seeds is a play space and my daughter is a teenager, I asked my sister to loan me her kids. My niece Dayanara traveled with us to explore the play area, and learn how to stay healthy. It was her first outing to New York with me and my teenager, instead of a family outing with her mom, dad and brother. My daughter got in the play area as well, and blended in with the staffers who played with the younger kids.

Apple Seeds driver
Apple Seeds driver

Dayanara came home excited about Apple Seeds and Dr. Tanya Remer Altmann, and had some interesting stories. When I asked my sister if Daya really had fun, I got this message: Hah. She said she drove a taxi, crashed, and her passenger had to go to the hospital. Lmbo

Dr. Tanya gave us  some facts about colds and flu:

  • On average, kids get 6-10 colds per year, and parents usually catch colds from their kids
  • Sneezing is the most efficient method of spreading the common cold (the average sneeze travels up to 100 MPH)
  • 80% of infections transmit by hands
  • Germs survive 24 to 48 hours on surfaces
  • Signs of a cold: nasal symptoms, mucus, runny nose, can last 4-5 days
  • To stay healthy: Eat well, get plenty of sleep, exercise
  • To speed recovery: Drink lots of liquids, run your vaporizer / humidifier at night
  • When sick, cover nose and mouth with a tissue

Dr. Tanya demonstrated proper nose blowing techniques for the kids, and made it easy to follow along. Her tips:

  • Use a gentle, strong tissue – like Puffs Plus with Lotion to sooth irritated skin
  • Place your finger over one nostril (let’s start with the left)
  • Gently blow out of the other (right) nostril into tissue for ten seconds
  • FOLD THE TISSUE, switch – Dr. Tanya said “hide the boogers .. EW” and the kids giggled
  • Repeat procedure with second nostril
  • Throw your tissue away properly
  • Wash your hands with soap

Puffs Collage
Puffs Collage

The kids took turns making Stan sneeze -he’s in the two pictures on the right side- before washing their hands. Dr. Tanya recommends wetting our hands, getting the soap and scrubbing for twenty seconds (younger kids can sing the alphabet song to time this correctly). To avoid spreading germs, dry off with a tissue and trash it.

The people of Puffs Plus shared video of Dr. Tanya and the kids on their Facebook page –  they share useful tips and information for parents.

Apple Seeds Cafe
Apple Seeds Cafe

Apple Seeds was a great place for the kids – the staff played with the kids, answered questions for the moms and stayed cheerful the entire time. My teenager and Daya explored, played and enjoyed.

You can drop in with your kids at Apple Seeds. They even host birthday parties. Mention code TwoLanguagesFeb to receive $50 off a basic birthday party or $100 off an ultimate birthday party at apple seeds in 2011 if you book your party by February 28, 2011.

To book a party please call 212.792.7590 or email birthdays@appleseedsnyc.com.

DISCLOSURE: This post rates a CL7, as transportation was provided – practically necessary with these snowstorms!


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