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I cried – Wordless Wednesday

This past Saturday I was lucky, blessed, thrilled (words really fail me here) to be included in a cooking lesson with Daisy Martinez at her home. As the day passed there were moments that made me laugh, gasp, and even sigh.

While on the outside I was fully enjoying each moment, what I had feared most waking up on Saturday was the unbearable. In the weeks and even final days before this cooking lesson, I felt the cloud of “what if”. Let’s face it, coming face to face with someone I admire so greatly was a scary thought. My big fear was that I’d embarrass myself, in one of two ways.

  • I could spazz out dangerously in the kitchen (sharp knives, hot pots, etc.) or
  • I could become an emotional mess, a babbling idiot or worse

These two things didn’t happen. My guardian angels were doing overtime, I tell you. What did I do? Cry while chopping onions. This was a Wordless Wednesday moment which I truly enjoyed. I hope the photographer forgives me, or leaves a comment so that this image is properly credited. I am grateful that the moment was captured. Thank you!

Later this week I will be sharing recipes and photos of the experience, including food we prepared. If you want a sneak peek, you can check out Daisy’s website – including event listings- her page on Facebook, and her videos on youtube, or her tweets on Twitter.

I Cried
I Cried

2 thoughts on “I cried – Wordless Wednesday

  1. I learned this morning that Mimi (one of the other students) snapped this photo. Mimi does an amazing job of cooking AND photography. She also happens to be very shy and still hasn’t done a “like” page for her amazing pictures.

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