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Program your DVR

There I was, minding my business, cracking wise about the best-looking hour of television in a long time, when I got this.

Ofelia – would love to give you a shout out this week for Follow Friday!

This definitely caught my eye, as nobody has ever given me advance notice of a Follow Friday shoutout. For regular Twitter users, you know the routine. Share the names of your favorite tweeps, introduce your friends to each other. Which leads me to my shout out this week – THE TALK on CBS.


If you already watch, you know that these ladies talk about everything – girls night out, celebrity sightings, whether and how to break up the hair dresser relationship. You know, regular stuff that we discuss when we finally get a chance to sit down with our friends.

If you don’t already watch them, well .. check your local listings and program your DVR! One warning – please put down your drink during the opening segment. One or more of the ladies usually says something outrageous, you just may find yourself laughing out loud or shouting back at the TV.


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