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Candy for an Apron? Wordfilled Wednesday

It started one day when reading blogs written by people I follow on Twitter – I stumbled upon Tracy’s post about Clementino. This was funny, interesting and even a little like a novela. Started out innocently enough with candy, and we got an unexpected confession that could lead to un gran escandalo. Go ahead, read the original post. Then come back for the rest.

Back so soon? OK you’re ready for my part of the story. I was out for an all-day pantry stockup shopping trip with Lesli, when a colorful box caught my eye. Bubu Lubu candy! I started chanting, repeating the name of the candy and trying frantically to remember who posted about a bodeguero enamorado. Lesli looked around the nearly-quiet store nervously, hoping nobody had witnessed my outburst. She even SHUSHED me! I grabbed two boxes and brought them home.

Tracy and I caught up to each other on Twitter, and she gave me her address. I got the boxes of candy to her before my classmates attacked me for them. She repaid the kindness by sending this apron (personalized by suegra) which makes me feel like an official cook.

Next time Tracy went to the store .. read for yourself what happened here. I’m contemplating how to get my hands on more Bubu Lubus, to avoid some kind of tragedia for Clementino.


Bubu Lubu Apron
Bubu Lubu Apron

3 thoughts on “Candy for an Apron? Wordfilled Wednesday

  1. Awh! It looks great on you! I’m so happy about our strange little gift exchange. Not only did I get some Bubu Lubus, but I made a new amiga. Win and win! 🙂

    Thanks again for your thoughtfulness. May the universe pay you back a million times.


  2. This is too cute! I’ve been reading Tracy’s too, but happened to stumble upon you in a #WW tweet by Juan Alanis. Love you’re story and too cool that you got a personalized gift from the infamous SUEGRA! Lol!

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