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Random Facts About Me

Recently “facts about me” was trending on Twitter. I took the time to think about what to share, and started this list. More items may be added in the future, or in response to comments. Here we go!

  1. I have an older sister with same name. No middle names to help matters. We have not yet met.
  2. I’m very likely to knock myself out for someone who appreciates it. Ungrateful demanding types can have a seat and get comfy while I ignore them. (OK maybe that’s not so unique to me)
  3. Do-it-yourself stores are a little bit of shopping paradise for me. Walking the store, finding and assembling the item is therapy. If you buy something and need help with it, call me (see #2).
  4. In fourth grade I started doing long division in my head. Only wrote down answers. I can still beat most people on calculators. Before they click all the buttons I have the answer.
  5. I diagnosed myself as having synesthesia. Some letters, numbers, colors create a feeling or even taste for me. Green crispy apple, dark brown pie crust.
  6. Autumn 2004 after having major issues with my computer, I took the shell off and switched the hard drive. Half an hour on the phone with tech support sure beats packing, shipping, waiting three weeks for return.
  7. Summer of 2005 I jumped from a moving train instead of being late to pick up Lesli. Scraped my left arm and knee, picked up my daughter then asked for first aid kit. Next morning I went to work and left early for an updated tetanus shot.

What unique things do you want to share about yourself?


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