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Guava Pineapple Pastries – Sabroso Saturday

Last week was Puerto Rico Day at my church, a part of our International Sunday spring program. I made these pastries filled with guava and pineapple jelly – fruit flavors that make me think of tropical breezes. The shells were made using cinnamon-roll dough (a tube of 8 rolls). Open the tube, separate the strips, work out some anger, mush them up, roll them out. Leave the icing aside – the fruit filling is sweet enough!

Each of the shells got about 1 spoonful of filling. No matter what we did, they popped open while baking. Nobody complained. We made a batch at home and drank milk with them. The filling was a non-recipe adventure. See for yourself.

1 can crushed pineapple, drained
2 bricks guava paste (check ethnic section)

Cut each brick of guava paste into about 8 chunks. In clean glass jar, melt guava paste in microwave – 2 chunks at a time, one minute at a time. Stir before adding more paste. Jar will be HOT! Wait 5 minutes after the last bits of guava paste are melted, then stir in half of the drained pineapple bits. Mix thoroughly.

I still have some jelly in the refrigerator – it could be a good topping for cinnamon-raisin bagels or cinnamon swirl bread.

Guava Pastries
Guava Pastries

This post is part of MsLatina’s Sabroso Saturday blog hop. Check in at her site for recipes from other bloggers across the country, and from all corners of the internet. Get your napkins ready, all these recipes are going to make you drool!


4 thoughts on “Guava Pineapple Pastries – Sabroso Saturday

  1. Oh YUMMY! I love guava pastries and combining it with pineapple just sounds heavenly. I can’t wait to try this! It sounds so simple! Thanks for sharing. Happy Sabroso Saturday! 🙂

  2. Well I’m glad all went well…the ones I tasted at your house were yummy. How were they once they cooled down completely? Bet it was yummy hmmm-mm

    My one critique :p don’t work out any anger issue into your cooking…so next time you knead the though (knead the right word???), put all that wonderful love you have to share with others, it’s best blessing the food w/your work & love, than any anger issue :p I know I felt loved when I saw you prepare ours lol & man! were they delicious lol

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