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Point of View 3 – Wordfilled Wednesday

Have I mentioned International Sundays at my church? Members of the congregation share highlights of our native countries. So far we’ve covered Puerto Rico, Korea, British Caribbean, Africa, and this past Sunday was Latino countries of Central and South America. Every week is a feast for the senses, with native costumes, music, photographs and food.

You can imagine what happens when every week brings new food. I sample everything at the buffet. Every Monday morning, the numbers creep up. A little something here, un poquito por allí, don’t forget dessert. And there are about six weeks left of International Sundays.

In order to bring the “numbers” back down, this Sunday Lesli and I walked home. We shopped at one store to pick up something she needed for school Monday morning, then somewhere else to pick up salads, then finally came home. As we came over the hill, this was the view that greeted me.

Later in the year, this view might make my eyes water from allergies. Believe me though, after eating a little each from the trays that had guineos en escabeche, papa a la huancaina, arroz con gandules, taquitos, jalapeños, tortas de res, arroz con leche (and trying to walk it off) .. this sight inspired me to hustle so I could get in and take off my shoes. It’s all about the point of view, folks.



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