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Sabroso Saturday Recap

If you’re looking for a recipe, this week you’ll be disappointed. I have been flooded with books, exam prep materials and project materials – an open textbook, scientific calculator and all other types of school supplies are standard these past few days. But like any other time, a girl’s gotta eat.

Wednesday night, there was dinner before student awards were handed out (and I received the Dean’s Award). I enjoyed the creamy macaroni and cheese, crunchy fried chicken, crisp salad, chocolatey brownies.

Yesterday for our school’s Spring Day festivities we blocked off the street, brought in carnival attractions, a DJ and  of course food. I took a moment to grab a grilled chicken sandwich, then handed out dishes to students who stopped to enjoy the event. Before we packed up I made a visit to the Italian water ices and got one with coconut and lemon combined (no messy shirt to worry about).

What was your favorite food this week?

NOTE: Each week on Sabroso Saturday MsLatina tries to get us to share healthy, budget-friendly recipes. She writes a post each week at her site – then other bloggers add links to their recipes. I promise to share a recipe next week – by then I should have the time to re-stock my kitchen!


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