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The Oprah Show, best friends and Hanes

Do you see the connection yet?I think it’s all about comfort. Yesterday on Oprah we were treated to some fun and drama (ahem, Yellowstone and  the “days of yore” experience). I thanked my lucky stars to live in “modern times” when Gayle and Oprah had to sacrifice inner garments as part of the 1600’s experience. Gayle talked about large soft leaves when she had to switch modern plumbing for an outhouse. My biggest laugh was the look from Oprah, when Gayle requested her bacon extra crispy.

If you’re anything like me, that last paragraph has you stuck on “outhouse” or “inner garments”. Well yes, those were the things that stuck for me. I couldn’t imagine surrendering my soft, smooth, tag-free Hanes. I’ll stop short of telling you which particular items. Let’s just say Hanes does head-to-toe, from the inner layers all the way to hoodies.

Today ONLY – April 22, 2011 – if you buy from Hanes online, at this link:, there is a 40 percent discount on ANYTHING you buy. Go ahead, stock up on socks (they always seem to be separated in my laundry). Don’t forget the tag-free sweats and unmentionables.

UPDATE: I just tried to make my purchase, and got a message about the website being overloaded. The offer is being extended (no specifics on time limit, but I’d say if you make your purchase on Saturday it should be good).

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid to post about this. It’s just a great promotion.


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