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Point of View 4 – Wordfilled Wednesday

This weekend, Lesli and I saw someone who made us think of a loved one we lost much too soon. This left me feeling confused, and missing that person. I won’t say much about our loss. Just that it made us appreciate each day together, and made us grateful for our good health.

Monday we went out shopping and for dinner. It hit me suddenly – a post for DKMS, the Bone Marrow Donor Center. DKMS matches donors to recipients for life-saving procedures. And right now you might be wondering what does a living copy of a dead person have to do with bone marrow donation? Well, if we looked at this doppelganger experience from one point of view, I should be sad. But I’m choosing to turn it around and use it as motivation to help others.

I already registered with DKMS in 2010, and wrote a second post in the early summer of 2010. How can I convince you that this process is very, very simple and painless? Here are some images from the DKMS website. So you go to a donor drive, get swabbed, get a pin. It’s that easy.


Get Swabbed

OK, no donor drive near you anytime soon? You can  register online, to receive a kit in the mail. Swab your cheek at home, then mail it back. Still not complicated. Or you can help in other ways. Donate money to cover the costs in DKMS’s efforts to register bone marrow donors.


3 thoughts on “Point of View 4 – Wordfilled Wednesday

  1. Had something similar happen to me and it left me rattled for days after. Mi abuela says that it happens when the person who passed is thinking about you. That gave me comfort finally. Great post.:)

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