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Surprise 1 – Wordfilled Wednesday

Yesterday (Tuesday) morning, I left home in New Jersey for a television show, to be broadcast live from New York. I thought everything was all under control, until my bus was delayed by construction on the highway. I made it to the studio, met up with Annie of mamaskeeper and tried to stay calm as the staff let people into the studio. After all, the line was moving. The line moved, until the moment that we were next. Then we were told that they were at capacity.

Just as I was about to take Annie out for an apology drink, a lady in pink appeared. Rhonda used to be a member of the staff for the show that had filled up. She offered us tickets with immediate entry to the Nate Berkus Show. You know, the very nice decorator who tried managing three kids and a minivan on Oprah. The guy who went all out for a 70s retro episode on design disasters (check out the sideburns). Annie and I were thrilled at the chance to actually watch a show taping. We followed Rhonda for a couple of blocks to Nate’s studio, where I convinced her to pose for a quick photo.

Annie and I went into the building, and spent some time in the  audience waiting room. When we finally got into the recording studio, we watched Nate and the staff record an episode full of room makeovers. I won’t give away too much, except that there were two daughters who had Nate surprise their mom with a little something extra, besides the room makeover.

I can tell you Dena Blizzard is really one funny mother. She kept us entertained and energized. She had the audience competing against each other – no tug-of-war, because somebody might have stepped on their pants. Before recording the last segment of the day, Dena called for a count on how many audience members had grabbed bananas for a snack later. That’s how I got my sticker. After the recording was done, Dena even posed for a photo with me.

On the way home, the construction crew was still going and I may have spotted some unusual things that can be future “WW – Wordless Wednesday” items – definitely more surprises to come.

PS: In case you’re wondering, Nate was a perfect gentleman. He thanked the audience for spending such a beautiful day, locked indoors with him. I subscribed to the show’s newsletter, so I can be on alert for “our” episode – sometime before Memorial Day. You might want to set your DVR for the next few weeks 😉



4 thoughts on “Surprise 1 – Wordfilled Wednesday

  1. Darn it! Forgot to enter the captcha and lost my comment! It was long too LOL

    Well I am glad you were offered tickets to the show and can’t wait to see what surprise they gave the Mom. Bet it was good! Also, like Lisa, love your hair. I think you had it cut for Getting Gorgeous but I didn’t get the full effect till now. Love it!

  2. I’m glad so far all the feedback on my cut is positive. The haircut might have its own story but I didn’t want to be too dramatic about it.

    For Getting Gorgeous I got a new style, and on Monday night the plan was to get the cut freshened. It ended up shorter than expected (can’t do ponytails for a bit). On the bright side – now I don’t have to grow out the color I had. It’s mostly gone, with a few streaks up front.

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