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Cinco de Mayo orange creamsicle drink – Sabroso Saturday

I know, Cinco de Mayo has already passed. What you may not know is that to most Mexicans, Cinco de Mayo is really no big deal. Here’s your history lesson: the Battle of Puebla was a major victory against the French army. The Mexican army was severely outnumbered, but they fought and won. Maybe you don’t want to read those articles, so try imagining the movie 300 had a happy ending, okay?

Let’s get back to the point of Sabroso Saturday. MsLatina started this at her site so we could share recipes. So let me tell you how Lesli and I celebrated Cinco de Mayo. We decided to avoid the big restaurants who think “authentic”  food has to come with sombreros and mariachi music on the speakers (ahem, notice the French origin of the word mariachi). We went to a local spot owned by people from Puebla. They make delicious cemitas (sandwiches) which can be customized. Extra toppings, heat level, side orders, you get the idea.

Lesli ordered hers Hawaiian style, grilled chicken breast with thick rings of pineapple and ham added to the “standard” shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, chipotle pepper, avocado and strings of Oaxaca cheese. And french fries, because … well, because. I ordered the “house” cemita: grilled chicken breast, one scrambled egg, ham, fried onion, lettuce, tomato, chipotle, avocado, Oaxaca cheese, with tostones.

Lesli sipped her Jarritos mandarin orange soda while waiting for her sandwich, I held mine (tamarind flavor) aside. When the dishes came Lesli said “híjole” and took her first bite. She ended up not finishing the sandwich, and bringing home all the fries. I brought home my tostones, and sipped the last of my tamarind soda on the way out. We  also brought home two fresh bottles of Jarritos, which were used to make the orange creamsicle drink. The drink recipe is very very easy.

Two large glasses
In each glass:
1/4 cup (enough to cover the bottom of the glass) mandarin (orange) soda
1/2 cup (one scoop, or three scrapes with a soup spoon) of orange sherbet
Finish with soda
In our case, one 16-ounce bottle of Jarritos was enough for both glasses.
Serve with spoon and straw.

I am sure everyone can create their own varieties: different fruit flavors of soda and sherbet, maybe fresh fruit, fruit juice. Have fun!

cemitas orange drink
cemitas orange creamsicle drink

Disclosure: The link for the movie 300 is my Amazon associates link. If you buy the film I get some money.



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