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Comment 500

Non-bloggers might think me a geek. I have made my peace with that. Translation: it’s ok, I know I’m a geek.

So it might not seem like a milestone to reach 500 comments. To me it was a very big deal, especially when I write about some personal experiences. It really helps me feel less weird, when people leave comments and say “I like this too”.

I decided to do a giveaway to the person who left comment 500. No blog post, just Twitter and Facebook updates. And finally Monica left comment 500.


Comment 500
Comment 500

I checked to make sure what kind of event swag she would enjoy, packed a box and sent it off. She just got it today. Now time to wait and see how she likes all the items. How was this one? What about that other item?

All things considered, I feel like a winner for getting the goodies out of the house where someone will appreciate them. Thanks, Monica, for sharing your thoughts.


One thought on “Comment 500

  1. Gracias Ofelia for the huge box of swag!!! I have already used the Oil of Olay body wash. My skin feels fabulous!! Plus I smell amazing lol. I couldn’t believe all the products inside my box; Smashbox, Tide, Nyquil, and Annie Lind just to name a few!

    I was honored to be your 500the comment. I hope to be your 1000th as well.


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