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Breakfast for Dinner – Sabroso Saturday

It seems the weather has been on some type of delay – we had snow in April now rain in May. This means I haven’t quite figured out whether to put away the galoshes, or start shopping for barbecue supplies. I mean, any minute now we should have warm weather for barbecues. Any minute now we should have fireflies in the evening.

With this confusing weather, my taste buds have also been out of whack. I ate spicy chopped tomatoes with jalapeño peppers, and whole grain chips. Had hummus straight from the container. Wednesday night, though, I had my favorite meal of the week. Breakfast for dinner. If you’ve never had breakfast for dinner, give it a try. Until then, I have two words for you: comfort food.

Lesli made one fried egg on a raft of turkey bacon. It was so simple it can barely be called a recipe.

  1. Take two slices of turkey bacon. Cut each in half with kitchen scissors.
  2. Arrange the bacon strips into a grid, in a nonstick pan over medium-low flame. More low than medium.
  3. When the bacon starts to get crispy, crack one egg into the center of the bacon grid.
  4. If desired, add one or two tablespoons of water to the pan, away from the egg and bacon.
  5. Put a lid, glass if possible, over the bacon and eggs, so the steam cooks everything.
  6. Stay near the stove. If your lid is not glass, wait at least three minutes before checking.
  7. Serve with whole-wheat toast.

When Lesli brought up the bacon-and-egg creation, I put it on the toast. The egg was over-medium, just how I like. The white was fully cooked, the yolk was a little soft. Much more fun than eating an overdone, gummy egg. Besides, the bacon under the egg was crunchy enough. Why mess around?


This post is part of MsLatina’s Sabroso Saturday blog hop. Check in at her site for recipes from other bloggers across the country, and from all corners of the internet. Get your napkins ready, all these recipes are going to make you drool!


One thought on “Breakfast for Dinner – Sabroso Saturday

  1. I love, love, LOVE breakfast meals and can eat them any time. Funny, this week I created a post on meal planning and noted breakfast fro dinner is a good variety to save money and make meals easier. Tell Lesli she’s on the ball!

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