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McDonald’s – Balance and Taste – Giveaway

A few weeks ago we attended the McDonald’s First Taste event in New York City. I picked up Lesli from school. When we first got to the restaurant Lesli and I sat in a quiet spot to eat an Asian Salad  with grilled chicken (available for a limited time this summer), but pretty soon we caught on to where the action was happening:  the Nugget Corner on the second floor.

This section of the restaurant had everything: comfy lounge chairs, sunlight, and quick access to the steps. When Lesli and I came over, the ladies were laughing and relaxing. Melanie’s baby sat quietly in his car seat, while she  chatted with Jennifer, Johanna, Ruby and me. Lesli stayed nearby, and occasionally made fun faces at Ruby’s gorgeous  daughter. I mean, really, have you seen this cutie?

We passed each other Mango Pineapple Smoothies, Premium Chicken Sandwiches and Chicken McNuggets with all the new sauces: Chipotle Barbecue (smoky with a kick), Creamy Ranch, Hot Mustard, Spicy Buffalo and Sweet Chili (jelly with flecks of spicy chili pepper) while waiting to interview the speakers. Chef Dan Coudreaut, Julia Braun and Sylvia  Meléndez-Klinger were available to answer questions about these tasty new dishes. Chef Dan even did a cooking demonstration while he offered suggestions (use less oil) and answered questions for the entire group.

I sat with Sylvia  Meléndez-Klinger, registered dietitian, to discuss the new menu items. This video starts right after I asked “what has been your involvement?” We go from there to talk about McDonald’s, nutrition and food, even our comments about the dreaded “D word” for Latinas and Latinos.


Now to the giveaway. Since Sylvia shared so much about how to balance calories, taste and eating out, I am asking you to go to McDonald’s website and Bag a McMeal. Then come back here, leave a comment detailing your meal. Was it breakfast,  lunch or dinner? How many calories did you end up? Keep in mind U.S. Government guidelines recommend about 2000 calories per day for adults over age 18.

Five (5) winners will be selected at random, to win a goodie bag from McDonald’s. This black bag, with two pockets on the outside for “mobile” (cell phone) and “H2O” (water), comes packed with:

  • Tips and recipes from Chef Dan
  • A lavender scented satin eye mask
  • A pineapple scented soy candle
  • A mango scented soy candle
  • A bamboo and green pen
  • A green and black spiral notebook and pen set
  • A black balance bracelet
  • A $10 $25 (updated 5/25) Arch card (McDonald’s gift card)

Entries will be accepted until 11:59 Friday, June 17 and I will announce the winners by June 21.

Your mandatory entry, is a comment detailing your McMeal. For extra entries leave a comment after you:

  • follow @McDonald’s on Twitter
  • follow @OfeliaNJ on Twitter
  • follow @SKlingerRD (Sylvia  Meléndez-Klinger) on Twitter
  • or subscribe to my e-mail newsletter (top left corner of this screen).

One comment counts as one entry. One bag per winner.

DISCLOSURE: The compensation level for this post is CL 10. Products or services were provided to OfeliaNJ to give away in a contest, and to keep for use or review.


17 thoughts on “McDonald’s – Balance and Taste – Giveaway

  1. O wow I chose Breakfast. I had the big breakfast, hashbrown, med. oj & it all totaled 1350 calories! Urghh guess I should cut back because if I am to spread 2,000 calroies thoughout one day this breakfast (that I have eaten in the past) is way too much!! Hmm #SomethingToThinkAbout# This was cool. thanks!

  2. I went with the southern chicken biscuit for breakfast only only 650 calories but 1540 in sodium I guess I need to cut the chicken out. I win with the chicken but the salt content is bad for me. This was truly an eye opener.

  3. I went with breakfast, my favorite meal and I chose a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and a sausage McGriddle with a medium sprite. Wow, I didn’t need to know the nutritional facts of 1100 calories of which 440 were from fat. I don’t think I will be doing that very often. lol

  4. I chose lunch because I am trying to eat a healthier diet yet I go out to lunch almost every work day. I chose the Southwest Salad with a pack of Newman’s Own Creamy Southwest Dressing, and a large Diet Coke. Total Calories = 420. WOW – I’m impressed, McDonald’s. That’s way better than my old favorite – the Big Mac – which has 540 calories on its own.

  5. I went with a premium southwest salad (w/o chicken) with balsamic vinegar, a fruit and walnut salad with dipping sauce and a jug of milk!

  6. My Calories equal up to 450 total. I chose a Premium southwest salad w/grilled chicken ( no dressing) ; Friut and yogurt parfait W/O granola and Iced Tea no sugar.

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