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Surprise 4 – Wordless Wednesday

When Lesli and I were in West New York for Ranchito Victoria, we walked a lot. A whole lot. First, to get to the restaurant, then after the meal hoping to work it off. We were browsing on Bergenline Avenue, and held each other back from running in to a few different stores. Mostly our browsing was an exercise in wishful thinking.

Unexpectedly I spotted this shiny sparkly bit of jewelry in a display – right over the www. After years of never seeing my name on any keychain or bracelet, it was definitely a happy surprise. Ta-da! My Wordless Wednesday photo.


Surprise Jewelry - Wordless Wednesday
Surprise Jewelry - Wordless Wednesday

Have you ever had an unexpected moment like this?


4 thoughts on “Surprise 4 – Wordless Wednesday

    1. I did not buy it, mostly because it was gold with bling. Hmm now I’m thinking of buying a necklace that says OfeliaNJ, in silver.

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