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Best Compliment Ever

I have to clarify, best compliment ever – from a stranger. At the time it happened, the incident did not seem so important. But now that spring is turning into summer, I think back. I see boys on the street, trying desperately to catch the attention of any passing female.

  • “Excuse me miss.”
  • No response.
  • “Hey sexy.”
  • No response.
  • “Hey mami.”
  • No response.
  • “Mami why you gotta be like that?”

I say boys, because to me these lines are not how a man would get my interest. These lines are not even the best way I can think of, to get a smile from a woman.

Picture this … Years ago, back when Lesli was shorter than me, we left home early one Saturday to meet someone at  Penn Station in Newark, New Jersey. It seemed early, anyway. I had jumped into the shower and then left the house with my hair still wet. This was no big problem though, because it was summer. The weather was warm.

I held Lesli’s hand tightly and looked around for our person. Trains and buses unloaded. People flooded the hallways. I  slowly walked backward until we were against a wall. As I spotted our person and stepped forward, someone crossed my path. A tall, distinguished looking man in a suit. He nearly brushed up against me but kept a respectable distance as he uttered one syllable. Mmmmm. As he walked away and went about his day, I didn’t turn to follow his voice. Just looked up calm and smiling. The time, place and manner in which this all happened made it the best compliment ever. Truth be told, this man may have been thinking about his lunch date but I took it as a compliment.

Since that day, Lesli has said some amazing things about my mothering skills, creativity and even my cooking. Those compliments were more significant. Still, from a man who didn’t know me, and didn’t try to “spit game” about being my Mister Right, who could ask for more?


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