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Easy Empanadas – Sabroso Saturday

Last week Sunday at our church was Dominican Day – I was asked to bring empanadas. Since our congregation varies from 200 to even 400 on occasion, this task had the potential to make our kitchen a danger zone. Thank God other members were also bringing food – we had everything from white rice, to stewed goat, mashed plantains and about five different kinds of salad.

Lesli and I started the process by seasoning the ground beef for the filling of the empanadas. There was no real recipe, just a kitchen cabinet full of spices. We used ground cumin, onion, oregano and adobo. A sprinkle here, a shake there, until we agreed it tasted right. Once the beef was thoroughly browned I took the top from my spaghetti pot, to drain the grease from the beef. We left the beef on the stove to cool and cut some circles out of premade pie crusts – you’ve seen these, the package has two crusts. The empanadas turned out appetizer size, not bite size. Easy enough right?

After waiting for the fourth or sixth pie crust to defrost, I got annoyed at having to cut circles from pie dough. Besides, Lesli was getting very territorial about re-rolling the scraps of dough, and I wanted the shells to be soft. We went to the refrigerator for canned biscuits. Pop them out, separate them, stretch them a little, and go from there.

We used parchment paper on a cookie sheet to bake the empanadas. I sprayed the parchment paper with my own olive oil in a reusable pump bottle, then sprayed the top of the empanadas so they would brown. We alternated two cookie sheets, and kept making empanadas until almost midnight.

I have no idea the calorie count or nutrition content on these – each empanada had about one tablespoon of seasoned beef. Of course you can make these using leftover shredded chicken, turkey or anything not too moist. Imagine, the day after Thanksgiving when everyone else is doing sandwiches, having turkey empanadas. These can be an anytime, one-hand snack.

WARNING: If you want bigger empanadas, instead of a few bites, buy the jumbo biscuits. Do not try to roll regular dinner biscuits very thin, as the dough might break.

This post is part of the Sabroso Saturday blog hop originated by MsLatina. Check in at her site for recipes from other bloggers across the country, and from all corners of the internet. There’s no telling what everyone will cook!

DISCLOSURE: The link for “reusable pump bottle” goes to Amazon. If you buy through that link, I get a percentage of the sale.


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