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Spotted While Walking 3 – Wordfilled Wednesday

*Hi everyone – I’m encouraging Lesli to write more often, especially when she notices unusual things. Below is what she told me about her walk home, on a warm day. She wrote it herself. Since Lesli was not directly involved in the incident, she included a photo of the tree, not the person.*

Not very long ago – a couple weeks at most – I was walking home from school when I made a quick decision to take the long way home (the weather was perfect for the park, I was late anyway..) I spotted a man, in his 50s or 60s, sitting on a picnic blanket under a tree.

He was talking to himself so I thought he was just another crazy. I walked by slowly. As I was walking past, I saw him searching for something. Just to be polite, I asked, “Do you need something? Can I help you?” He blinked  at me. “I was just looking for my paper towels. I made a mess of my dinner.” I peeked over his shoulder to see overturned marinara sauce and an urn. I looked questioningly at the urn, and he noticed the expression on my face. “Today is the one year anniversary of my wife’s death. She loved coming to this lake and watching the ducks swim past. After dinner, I’m going to put some of her ashes into the lake with the ducks.”

This was way more information than I ever wanted to know about a stranger in the park, but I was kind of glad that he shared his story with me. How do you remember your loved ones that have passed away?


Walking Past Tree
Walking Past Tree

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