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McDonald’s Winners Announced

By now you must be ready to find out about the winners of the McDonald’s Balance and Taste Giveaway, since the entry period ended last week on June 17.

Before announcing the winners, I want to explain the procedure. First I did a cut-and-paste of eligible comments


then I did a number drawing using using 1 through 15, in case someone entered more than once (which was allowed and even encouraged). So here is the screen shot of the numbers drawn, which means the winners are .. tappity tap tap tap – hey it’s a drum roll …


Ivelisse (comment 1), Dana (15), Bicultural Mama (10), Tammy (6) and Annamaria (3).


Now I will be sending e-mail notifications to each winner, and explaining what happens next.

Very soon all our winners will be able to use their Arch Cards, for some really cold icy drinks and crisp refreshing salads! If it were me, with $25 of McDonald’s food, I’d get a McCafe mango pineapple smoothie, Asian Salad with Grilled Chicken, um maybe a Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken – they’re only here for a limited time. My preferences aside, whatever you want from McDonald’s, you can buy it using the Arch Card. Add to that, the tote bag fully loaded with tropical scented candles, recipe cards .. it’s a pretty good deal.

Stay tuned for future giveaways or contests! If you have any preferences or ideas, please send me a comment using the contact form and I will try to make them a reality.


6 thoughts on “McDonald’s Winners Announced

    1. Yes, Ivelisse, you won! Now you can change that to “never won anything BEFORE” – now check your email inbox and spam folder 😉

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