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Mofongo – Sabroso Saturday

I don’t have a written recipe for you this week, but some family memories and a link for a how-to video. Get a napkin now, and keep reading!

In June my mami visited New Jersey. She was here for a few weeks, but with end of school for the kids, my college schedule, my sister’s schedule we only had one big family outing , with my sister and her two kids.

It started out innocently enough. Lesli and mami were playing dominoes and talking slowly – mami in Spanish, Lesli in English, to help each other practice. My phone rang and it was my sister saying she was on her way to pick us up. She had a craving for mofongo and wanted me to steer her in the right direction.

We piled in the minivan – all six of us, for a road trip. We debated over prices, locations, parking, until finally ending up at a restaurant nowhere near our original destination.


I forgot what my niece, nephew and mami ate (sorry) but there was laughter and love as we thought about how our day had turned out. We survived “are we there yet”, drizzle, scary servers at overpriced restaurants. Finally, we were all comfortable at a place place that has fancy in the name but feels like home.

The dishes were so big, I mean the PLATES were so big, that when my sister and I got our food it was brought out on butcher blocks.

Lesli ordered “mangú con tres golpes” (mashed green plantains with fried salami, fried cheese and a fried egg – top right corner). My sister had mofongo de pollo (chicken mofongo – bottom right) and mine was mofongo de camarones con jugo de parcha (shrimp mofongo and passion fruit juice – bottom center). Now every time I think of mofongo, it makes me miss my mami.

If you want to try making mofongo, follow what Daisy Martinez does in this video. As usual, she breaks down the process to make it less complex than you might think. I had to smile when Daisy finally takes a bite of the finished product!

This post is part of the Sabroso Saturday blog hop created by MsLatina. You will find links to recipes from bunches of bloggers recipes at her site – grab a napkin now, because when you start reading all the recipes you might end up licking the monitor!



3 thoughts on “Mofongo – Sabroso Saturday

  1. Ooo goshh that food loosk delish!!!! Wish I had a plate now & then wake up to mangu con 3 golpes in the morning. Hay que hambre!!! Thanks for sharing

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