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Red Watch – Fashion Friday

Last night I attended an event for a video game company – separate post to come. I took the long way home, and enjoyed the feeling of summer as it should be.

I walked slowly, enjoyed the view as other people ran past, then eventually looked up and saw only space. Very few people at the bus terminal. I asked a woman if the bus had passed, she told me it had not, because she was also waiting for it. We struck up a conversation and within about three blocks I found out a little something about her family. I won’t share all that here because it was her story.

Besides, what kept my attention was her red watch. In one word, it was sparkly!  Brilliant, polished wood and beads on a stretchy band. When I said the words out loud, she said “what, this? I never had a watch for a long time, I picked this up in Mexico for $4 and now everybody loves it.”

Red Watch
Red Watch

This is the first of what I hope will be many Fashion Friday photos – next time we meet up I might do that whole body slow staring thing. Please remember, I’ll be admiring your outfit and accessories!


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