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Another New Beginning

You may have seen my update on Facebook or Twitter:

It’s not Christmas but Arthur gave me something sparkly.

After Thanksgiving dinner, while the rest of the family lounged over dessert, Arthur suggested we move to the living room. He gave me a beautiful engagement ring, which made me lose my breath and giggle like a little girl. I ran to the dining room and flashed the ring. The adults refused to believe it until Arthur proposed loud enough for them to hear. We all hugged, some of us got emotional. We all floated away from the table happy and excited. I later learned, Arthur had Lesli approve the ring before presenting it to me.

The next morning it started to hit me. I AM GETTING MARRIED! I have to plan a wedding. Correction, we have to plan a wedding. I have to juggle my work schedule while finishing this semester, then Spring 2012, at least, before becoming Arthur’s wife (or as Latinos say, la señora de Arturo). Add in Arthur’s work schedule and we have a lot to coordinate while planning for the joyous event.

There are so many things to be planned, purchased, paid for, positioned. Every time I turn around it seems another item is added to the list.

So far we have decided a few things:

  • Ceremony location – the place where we met.
  • Colors – ocean and sand (shush, it’s better than blush and bashful in Steel Magnolias).
  • Theme – tropical, beach, relaxed.
  • Wedding date – early summer, after school ends for me and the children we want in the procession.

Invitations and printed items are still to be decided. Call me a digital bride, I fail to understand the need for tissue over the invitation. I also wonder about response cards. So many people call, text or email with questions. Enclosing these extras with the invitation seems a bit unnecessary unless the menu has choices like beef, chicken or fish. Which leads me to:

The reception menu is still to be decided. So far we know we want to share our favorite foods. We both enjoy sushi, barbecue, pasta, rice, seafood, pastries, cakes, you name it. This also leads to another sticky point:

We will not serve liquor during our reception, except perhaps for the toast.

As I mentioned above, so many things I never considered are now becoming important. What seems most important right this minute is to practice the following phrase, maybe use it two times a day during the planning and decision time:

I need to check with Arthur on that.


3 thoughts on “Another New Beginning

  1. Congrats again, mana! There are a lot of little details, to be sure, but you’ll be fine. And if you have any questions, feel free to bug me. 🙂

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